hoboken brownstones

So these three brownstones are on the block we live. I took the pictures earlier today on my camara phone when I was walking around on my rainy day. There are nicer ones of course but these are the ones I see every day and wish I lived in. I love the detail in the yellow one, the classic double doors (are those considered french?) in the red brick and the ivy… oh the ivy! covering the blue. Each one is so different and so unique. I love thinking about the person who designed and personalized each one years ago.
Ours below is no exception…..but clearly not everyone’s design was a good idea. Who on earth came up with the idea to put those glass box window panels around the door? Ug. If we owned this place, the first thing I’d do it buy a pair of super classy double doors, and then bump up the rent another $200 a month.

(this picture below is when we threw our couch out the third story window. details here).


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