Happy Birthday Jared!!!

(picture from glacier national park this past summer)

Today is Jared’s 30th Birthday!

He’s in the middle of a stressful week at work but we’re going to try and go out to dinner at this really great restaurant in the village tonight called The Place where I have reservations. It’s supposed to be fantastic.
I’m such a lucky person to be married to Jared. He is the funniest, most exciting and most self-less person I know. He’s also really hard working and loves kids. I can’t imagine better qualities in a husband. Good thing I manipulated him into marrying me.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!


Happy Birthday Jared! Hope you had a fun day with your family

So so sorry I’m late but Happy birthday Jared!Hope you had a good one!

Hey Liz, I found your blog through Oh Happy Day. Random question but where did you get that light green cake plate in the birthday cake photo? I’ve been looking for that FOREVER…

hank was so cranky. he thought it was his party. boy was he mad when he found on the attention wasn’t going to be on him for once.

I love that family pic. I esp. love the look on hanks face.

Oh, Jared, we’re so happy you were born! But not happy you had to celebrate the day so far away from us. Hope it was the smashinest!~L

Happy birthday Jared. BTW, how was The Place. The menu looked awesome.

Happy Birthday Jared. I found your blog through Jordan’s, through Pepper’s. I hope you have a great day. Tami

Happy Birthday, Jared. What a special nephew you are. I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday and a good dinner tonight!

Man, is the world SMALL or what?!? Okay, you will have to tell them that Katie Harris says hello, and let them know that I am finally getting baptized on May 5th. They are wonderful! I actually think I might of come over for FHE one night. : )

yes katie, i grew up in that ward and my parents and younger sisters are still there

Okay, so I found your blog through Jordan’s and I am thinking I might know your family!This not to sound really creepy, but are your parent’s in the Westchester 1st ward? I went to Sarah Lawrence last year and attend that ward a few times and I think I might of met them!-Katie

Happy Birthday, JaredHow on earth did we luck out in adding you to our family? We love your passion for life and goodness, the way you focus on others — honestly striving to make all our lives better. We hope you have a GRAND day!

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