Guest Post: Brand New(to me) Car!

I think Liz might be buying me
this car for my birthday, which would be sweet. The only thing sweeter would be to find the original one, last seen on diagonal street(in st. george)for sale.


My parents took 4 kids and a port-a-crib tied to the top of that car to Disneyland once (8 hour drive)

i slept in the back of one of those many times with another dude comfortably(meaning there was room enough that we didn’t have to touch) – i guess maybe “comfortably” at 17 might be different than “comfortably” at 30….

it’s not that small – here’s a pic of one with people in it as

I can affirm to everyone that the squareback is not a little car.

“big man in a little car . . .” (said in a sing-song way; think Tommy Boy)

that is a pretty sweet car. you are better at picking out birthday gifts than i.

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