Comedy or Tragedy?

Jared and I watched “Stranger Than Fiction” on netflix a couple nights ago. I have to admit I fell asleep toward the end but that’s what I should have expected starting a movie at 9:30pm on a ‘school night’ (I love how I can still use those phrases: ‘school night’, ‘school day’, ‘snow day’). Well anyway, the graphics were really cool (apparently mk12 did them) but one of my favorite parts was Harold trying to figure out if he was starring in a comedy or a tragedy. He kept a small notebook and as the day progressed he would tally up the comedy points and tragedy points mid-conversation/mid-step.
I got to thinking that if I spent my days at work doing this, things could really get interesting. Sitting and listening to a students’ problems while tallying up the points in my little notebook:
Break up with boyfriend- tragedy.
Break up with boyfriend because of a youtube video you posted of yourself over spring break- comedy (of course my facial expressions would be soo sooo tragic).

I have a feeling that most of my points would end up being comedy to me and tragedy to the teenager……as is high school (*sigh)…..


Matt and I just rented the movie a week ago. I love Maggie Gyllenhall!

I fell asleep during it too. It’s funny because I think I fell asleep at the same part as well. I need to watch it again because I woke up right at the end and missed what led up to it.I bet you feel like a very stable person dealing with young dramatic students all of the time.By the way, I like your blog.

oh yeah that was the best part, the flours.i was expecting more from it, honestly.

I just returned this movie to netflix yesterday. I think it was one of the smartest movies of the year. It was beautiful too. I loved when he brought her “flours.” So smart.

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