St Patrick’s Day in Hoboken

The first Saturday in March Hoboken honors St Patrick’s day by getting plastered. Think frat parties in Sodom and Gomorrah. The bars open at 10am, but people come from all over NY and Jersey dressed in green line up outside the bars at 8am. Unfortunately our apartment is right in a major bar district so when we walked out of our apartment to get food at 5pm it was like walking into the middle of a concert. We were not outside for more than 5 seconds before a drunk frat boy hanging onto a fence for support decided to proclaim his affections for me in a vulgar and explicit way with little creativity. I kept walking but Jared decided to confront the young man and then the punches started flying. Before I knew it Jared and this kid were in the middle of a full on brawl: punching, dragging, tackling, throwing against cars and along the cement road. All right outside our apartment to the soundtrack of my screams. The drunks dressed in green hanging out of the large and spacious buildings cheered Jared on (or maybe they were cheering on the drunk? Too hard to tell). At one point my friend Lindsay tried to intervene which only resulted in the drunk swinging a punch at her. Luckily a parking cop saw that last part and called in for reinforcements. Jared kept on provoking the drunk until the 10 cops came running around the corner. Although they encouraged Lindsay to press charges, “They’ll lock him up if you want!”, we thought the $250 fine was sufficient. Jared got a few good punches in but didn’t get hurt at all (although he said his knuckle hurt). I think he was kind of proud of himself but it freaked me out. Sorry, no video but just picture Jared looking super tough and intimidating.


I would have loved to see that. I’m glad Jared didn’t get hurt. You guys seem to have so much fun there.P.S. Love the new blog look, very cool

“just picture Jared looking super tough and intimidating.”shouldn’t be hard to do.just for the record, me punching people isn’t a common occurrence – aside from this weekend’s altercation, and then the one jordan’s referring to, i haven’t got in a scuffle since back at the boy scout jamborees…

Nice. Jared beat up a drunk guy for me once too at a party in Logan.

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