Spring in Hoboken

Every winter we want to move and every spring we remember why we moved here. Hoboken is so much fun in the spring. It’s a walking community and people really come out of the woodwork (and sober!) around this time of year. The restaurants all set up their outdoor seating and everyone seems to be in good spirits with relief that winter is finally through.
This picture above that Jared took last spring of this beautiful park on the water (with Manhattan across the Hudson river) is a couple blocks from our apartment. It makes me so excited for warm weather. Yeah for 70 degrees tomorrow!


Spring always has a way of working its magic on my mindset. That’s the beauty of it. I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather there, I’ve heard it’s been pretty awful as of late–at least too cold for my taste.

Oh, man…that’s exactly what we do! Winter stinks, but spring is truly glorious in Hoboken. Bring on the BBQ!

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