Spring at urban

It’s starting to feel like spring here (although not for long) and I’m loving this springy stuff at Urban. I hope I can pack up my coats and hats soon!

And is anyone’s shoe size a 9 or 10? Well today is your lucky day. These gold ankle strap flats are adorable and on sale for only $20, if you’re a 9 or 10 that is (they also come in black).


that’s my favorite too. well, after the cute green shoes. those are perfect for spring.

The top on the top left is my favorite. It almost looks designer, right?

i think the black ones are super cute too but weren’t ‘springy’ enough right now. i wish they were in my size!

Wait a second… $6 for shipping kind of ruins it all. I wonder if they will just have them at the Urban by my house. Then again with gas at $3.50 it might just be cheaper to pay for shipping…

Well thank you! I am a size 9 and I WILL be ordering these right away! I think you should just sign up to be my personal shopper. Any other ideas?

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