My brown thumb

To say I’m not very good with plants is a staggering understatement. A few months ago I bought some bulbs (paperwhites maybe?) from target and started watering them the way the instructions said. Half of them never grew. When Jordan visited for Thanksgiving she clued me in that they were placed in upside down. Nice.

Then there’s this little guy below. I got it for my birthday in November and forgot to water it for a month or so. I tried to water it once around Christmas but the water went straight through. I haven’t watered it since, but it still looks so cute and alive that it has stayed in the living room.
I’m starting to think maybe I’m SO bad with plants I can’t even tell the difference between a real and fake one?

So here is the newest addition to our apartment from Ikea: A ponytail palm. I mostly bought it for the cute name but also to see if I am responsible enough to keep this one alive and right side up.


My IKEA plants ALWAYS die. Go to a good nursery and ask for a boxwood topiary. THey are my favorite kind and you only need to water them about once a week. Orchids are great because you only water them once a week and they are supposed to die after 2 months. That way it is only a temporary commitment and you don’t feel bad when it dies.You should also look into succulents. Those you only water every two weeks and they are very hip right now.

yeah the top one we water like every month or so, we think it might be fake but now and then think it’s real and panic and water it. I think it actually IS real but it died long ago but it still looks kind of nice.

the IKEA plants are notorious for dying after a week, in my old apartment we went through five IKEA palm trees. Good thing they’re cheap but don’t beat yourself up over it.

he he. you are so funny. i bet that plant above is fake it it still looks so cute.

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