Mini Mall

Jared says this is his favorite youtube video. Best commercial ever.


So amazing. On so many levels. Cannot…put…into…words…the…love…

i went to a mini mall once. he’s right! it was JUST LIKE that.

liz ricks! the internet is a small place after all. I am happy to have found you– even if it is in hoboken 🙂 it looks and sounds like life is treating you well! I’ll be in St. George trying to make it across the finish line in May. Trace signed me up as a christmas gift…uhhhh, thanks? will I see you there and meet the infamous Jared? hope you are still making up ballets in the master bedroom. ahh, the good ‘ol days on elm road!big hugs, elizabeth garff harrisp.s. come on by and see my crew…

Since Jared sent this to me I have wanted to know for what was this created? This could not have been a local commercial, it is like 9 minutes long. Where did it come from? It’s obviously done by a professional. Maybe it is the UNRATED version of the 30 second commercial.He had me at “bring it down now”

Ellen had him on her show to make up a commerical for her a couple of months ago – he is kookoo

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