Manhattan temple prints

Jared surprised me Monday when I came home from work with these three prints of the Manhattan temple where we were married. When the temple was first dedicated they asked six Mormon photographers to photograph the temple in their own style (you can read more about it here). These three below are the prints we bought.
The last two are by good friends of ours in Manhattan, Jon Moe and Seth Smoot (you might remember Seth from this Christmas card). We have been slowly collecting art from friends and family members since we know a lot of really talented artists and photographers. We already have a portrait of myself Jared had a friend of ours paint, Justin Hayward, (which I need to post about) and two sketches by Jared’s mother, Donna. We definitely want paintings from our brother in law, Paul Ferney, and my Aunt Deborah Barlow too.
The entire collection will be centered around Jared’s model shots currently displayed on coasters in our living room.

I’ve wanted these Manhattan temple prints for a while. I’m so excited to frame them and display!


Liz,I have been out of the loop while I was traveling, so I am just getting caught up with your blog. I am was so touched to get listed on your aesthetic want list. I’m honored.

I had forgotten about Jared’s modeling shots. I’m sorry, I know that was not the point of your post but he is such a good explorer.

I LOVE the first one. I think I know one more thing to put on the birthday list.Awesome links, too. Your blog rocks, Liz!

It’s a hard building to take good pictures of! There’s not one great angle and a lot of distractions

i love these shots- I regret not taking more of the M temple, the few poor shots I have are aweful and needed better angles. glad to see someone took the time to figure it out, i knew there would be amazing ways to do it!he is so talented with his camera!

Collecting originals! A great idea. I wondered what people would come up with for a Manhattan Temple picture. I love #2.

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