Lacrosse season

It’s lacrosse season again! We just finished tryouts and cuts on friday (cutting girls from a team is the most awful thing I’ve ever had to do to another human, fyi).
So lacrosse is kind of an awesome sport. I played in high school, then for BYU, coached the Orem High girls team for a few years and now coach for my second year at the high school I work at in NJ. I thought I would scan a few pictures in from lacrosse days…….

Above is a picture of my Orem Girls team in April of 1999 after a big win against Judge Memorial in Salt Lake (they were state champions until we came along and robbed them of the title in 2002).

Here I am with a few girls on the BYU team (I’m #7). Since lacrosse is a really popular sport back east, most of the girls on the team were from the east coast. I met a lot of great friends. Two of these girls are from Maryland, and one is Boston.

Action shot- Look out!! That’s me #7 back when I played for the Utah National team, which was selected from college teams in Utah and competed in the National Club tournament. Let’s clarify that when I say ‘selected’ I mean anyone who had any real competitive experience made it, which again, were mostly girls who played competitively in high school back east. We played in the National Club tournaments in Ohio in 2001 and Pennsylvania in 2002. Although it was really fun, I don’t think we won more than a couple games (but check out those moves in the high top cleats! you can’t compete with that style).

Here I am #7 again. Can I mention something about the BYU kilts? I know, it’s a little britney- like an east coast prep school thing, but that was our uniform. We also had to wear blue bows in our hair on game day. This game was for the BYU team against U of Utah. BYU’s team didn’t have much competition in Utah (since BYU seemed to have the largest number of players coming from competitive high school programs back east) but as soon as we left the state we generally got trampled.

Here’s a picture of our Utah team at the National Club Tournament in PA back in 2002. Most of these girls were from the BYU team, but there are also a couple from Utah State and U of Utah. Player #1 was a girl I coached on the Orem High team who then played for BYU my last year and played on the Utah team as well. She also was my assistant coach the last year at Orem.

Okay, back to present day. Well, almost present day. Here is a picture of the team I coached last spring. They also took individual coach shots which were completely embarrassing and I refuse to post. But if you’re lucky, I’ll send you a wallet sized. All season they had professional photographers at every game. Crazy. The parents are so hard core about it. Below is a picture they took of myself during a game against a huge rival last spring.

I’m really excited for the season. We have some fantastic players with two recruited for competitive D1 schools next year in college. They also happen to be the sweetest bunch of girls and it’s a ton of fun. Go Bluedevils!


Good Luck this season. Coaching is so much fun, I hope you guys do great!Have fun

yeah as ‘hard core’ as you can get in a plaid mini skirt and hair bow

oh SNAP! liz is looking SEXY. especially in that action shot – LOOK OUT!

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