Jury Duty

Right now I’m in the assembly room on jury duty. I ran home during lunch to get my laptop when I found out about the wireless internet. We had ‘training’ this morning and now we’re waiting to put our impartial and fair judgments to the test. I’m assigned as a ‘petit juror’ (why thank you) the next two days. Not one person has been called yet to be on a jury. I was thinking since I am assigned for the next two days to be an official trained juror for the state, why let my newly acquired skills go to waste?

I’m now open for cases if anyone has one that requires a juror. Although I’d prefer civil, marital or workplace, I can also deal with celebrity murder trials if there is lots of juicy celebrity gossip and not too many gory details.


Cool chair Liz! Yesterday when we went to the MET there was a huge exhibit about art in Barcelona, Spain, and they had an original Barcelona chair from the designer…of course the gift store sold one for $1000!

liz if you’re on the jury for some mafioso crime boss PLEASE just acquit him, i do NOT want a horse head in our bed.

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