Jared’s model shots

So the story goes something like this: When we were in the singles ward in Manhattan about three years ago, a photographer in our bishopric, Jon Moe, approached Jared about doing a photo shoot for this super nice hair salon. He asked Jared to wear his ‘funky’ ties for the shoot. At the time, Jared was attached at the hip to his friend, Greg. He was almost sure Jon had mistaken Jared for Greg (who owned quite a few ‘funky’ ties and had nice salony hair). Even when Jared told Jon that he didn’t really own any cool ties, Jon was persistent and so Jared reluctantly agreed to do this shoot. When he arrived at the photo shoot most of the other models had funky ties and, like Greg, long curly hair. Jared was the only guy there slightly balding and with a short cut. He brought his one plain blue tie he owned. They seemed surprised to see him but Jon Moe insisted Jared was their next model. After putting some styling lotion in his buzzed hair they took a few pictures for the hair salon but never used them. Jon promised Jared he wouldn’t show them to anyone, but after months of my pleading, Jon finally caved and sent me the pictures. Jared actually tells the story better than me. I love these pictures though. They are so precious. I think he looks handsome.


I really do think Jared is handsome. However, posing as a child molesting scout master? I am not sure if that is his thang.

andy, you can tell i wrote it because of the lack of profanity and extreme sports references

THANK YOU. i had forgotten all about those beauties. this is one of those things that jared secretly wants you to tease him about. that way he knows that you know that he could have made as a male model. now that i think about it… did liz really post this??? we may never know.

I think all my brothers could have made it big as models.Too bad they would have lost all their friends and self-respect.

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