High School Musical

My sister Becca is a senior in high school and rocks at everything she does. Every year the senior class puts on a senior class play for only seniors, directed, cast, and run by only seniors. It’s a huge deal and it’s so much fun because the tradition is that all the theatre kids run and direct the production, and all the non-theatre kids get the lead roles. Everyone tries out: the football jocks, the chess players, the garage band members, the bookworms- everyone, and no one gets cut (with the chorus filling the aisles of the auditorium). It’s a fun way to bond before everyone graduates.
Well this year at Scarsdale High they are doing High School Musical (which is kind of like the ‘new’ Grease). And guess what, Becca just scored the lead as Gabriella. I’m not too surprised at the casting because she has an amazing voice. WOO HOO for Becca! I can’t wait for the production this spring!


you have to be 14-20 to be an extra. you juuuust missed that by about 7+ years.

oh boy if i were in utah i would TOTALLY try out to be an extra. i think i could swing the look…

yup, we are going to have a girls night friday and watch the movie!

ps did you know they are in pre-production for a high school musical 2??!! they are filming in utah and i wanted to be an extra but aPPArentally 27 is too OLD to pass for a high school student. Pshaw.

Yeah for Becca! That sounds like so much fun, our school only does weird musicals, never anything so fun. Probably because the Scarsdale schools can afford the rights for things like that while we can only afford the rights for things like “The Wiz”.

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