Guest Post: J(ared) C Slater

first of all, i would like to post this classic moment.

now for the real reason for my post:
you know how sometimes a song is in your head and it comes and goes and you don’t remember where it’s from but it’s on the tip of your tongue? I’ve had the following song in my head on and off for like the last 10 years, I finally found where it was coming from.


Ha! I think I just got dumber watching that. Thanks for the giggles.

That was sweet! We have a family of chipmunks that live in the rocks in our backyard. I bet I could get some good footage like that. Of course it’s better with music. Our girls kept asking for a pet…so we finally just told them that the chipmunks were our pets. This I highly recommend. Very low maintenance. And very cheap!

Everytime I think of that “so excited” song I can only hear Jesse! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

I am happy and proud to report that I:a) knew every word coming from Jessie’s mouth in the first video.b) knew the entire song featured in the second video: my friend Brad put in on a mix tape for me once and it made my decade.c) knew every word to the aerobics song that Fergi related. Gotta love Saved By The Bell. They just don’t make them like they used to.

put your mind to itgo for itget down and break a sweatrock and rollyou ain’t seen nothin yet(from their aerobic video)it used to be in my head

oh! bottom of the list on yours, you guys! at least ours is alphabetical.

so awesome. and so sad i somehow was able to quote that first scene as it unfolded.

You know, they truly always will be friends forever. That is what makes Zack and the gang so great. Like when they made those Friends4Ever bracelets and then later headbands. I am sensing an underlying theme: Friends, not just for this life, but always.

i have never. that was the funniest thing i have seen in like 479 months. i just posted that on EVERYONE i know’s myspace.thanks.

thanks alot buddy. i look forward to having that song on the tip of my tounge through 2017.

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