Guest Post #2 – Picture Time

Good news for you is that last time we were in Utah I got ALL of my old negs(not my B&W stuff) of all the party-time growing up in St. George and surrounding areas. Liz got the ball rolling by scanning in all my slides/negs – I posted a few today on my flickr page, I’m going to start posting them in my free time.

NOTICE: these are from circa 1994-1998 when I was in hs/early college so only a few of the photos that I will post do NOT have a naked dude or at least someone’s bum in them; if that’s not your cup of tea then consider yourself warned.

Here are a few, I’ll post more in the coming weeks.


yeah i was going to mention that. jared do you not even notice when you’re giving the finger?

say what!?! i don’t see a lick of profanity in this whole post.

Why is it that Jared’s posts always include profanity? Could we get a parental advisory on these?

haaa you look really excited about that birthday party they threw for you.

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