Etsy Labs

Did anyone else out there in blog land know about the Etsy lab and purposefully hide this glorious secret from me? Am I the only one completely in the dark? Well I’m totally excited about this. Back in January Etsy transformed this warehouse in Brooklyn to house a laboratory of sorts for all the crafty hipsters out there to practice their arts and learn new tricks from the experts. They have a bunch of workshops every week on all sorts of crafty things like knitting, book binding, felt making, etching, sewing etc (I’m crossing my fingers for a gocco class!). I’m kind of dreaming of this pillow sewing class they are offering now. You can also get advice and help for your Etsy shop.
Apparently if you are part of the cool club (i.e. registered on Etsy), you’re welcome to just come hang out any day between 11am and 6pm to work on your unique craft with other craftsmen/craftswomen. You can use their workspace, donated scraps, photography studio and rent things like sewing machines, letterpress machines, jewelery benches and screenprinters.

Read more about the labs on the Etsy blog here.
Check out the list of courses here (which you purchase online through Etsy).
Donate your scraps of fabric, yarn or other supplies to the lab to the address on the banner above.
So Rockin’.


becca, so cool! i’d love to help!!! you definitely should sell them on Etsy, it’s super easy and we can help you do it.

if i had know etsy was the cool club i would have joined long ago.

Oh, to live in New York.I heart Etsy. Pretty much everything about it. It watches out for the little guy (or gal). I heard about Etsy Labs from their blog. MSNBC or someone did a profile and they have a video of it on there. I was unaware of the classes, though. You must go! And then tell us all about it. I want pictures, too.

Hey Liz! Since we talked to Kelly, I’ve decided that for my senior options I’m going to be making all different kinds of homemade crafts (wallets, purses, books, etc) and possibly sell them through Etsy to pay for materials. I’m actually looking into taking a class in May/June at the Etsy labs…want to coordinate?Becca

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