A barcelona red

Remember when I saw that red barcelona chair at TJ Maxx in Logan, Utah a month ago? Well I’ve been thinking about it ever since especially when I realized that they run $500+ and this one was only $200. My mother in law, Donna, ran by the store yesterday to see if they still had it and they did! I for sure thought it would have been snatched up (below is the picture she sent to me on my phone to confirm). So we bought it!! Now we have to decide if we want to ship it out or if we’ll just wait until we move out west (which might end up happening pretty soon). I’m still not sure about it going with the couch, but it’ll be great in a den or second bedroom. I’m excited about it!


Cool chair Liz! Yesterday when we went to the MET there was a huge exhibit about art in Barcelona, Spain, and they had an original Barcelona chair from the designer…of course the gift store sold one for $1000!

can i go pick out some furniture tha tyou can pay for and keep at my house until you move here?

A total score for you, Liz! I love the color, and I’m sure you can make it look good with the couch. I like little punches of mis-matched color. But that’s just me.Now, when are you coming west?

WHAT is a Barcelona chair? I did not know chairs had names. I thought their names were things like, dining room chair, desk chair, comfy tv watching chair etc. Is that pleather? Is it orange? Can you curl up and watch TV in it? Can you eat dinner on it? I wonder if any of the chairs at MY house have names! Maybe someone REALLY cool could come here and tell me. Certainly none of them cost more than $30 at IKEA so probably not. If they did, I might feel fulfilled.just kidding. You know I love you and your chair with a name.

Thanks to Roger who did all the leg work. Your chair does look good, so we’re in no hurry for you to come and claim it.

Smart purchase. You can’t go wrong with a barcelona chair.

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