Valentines and flying sofas

Well sunday night started out awesome. My mother, sisters, and Patrick and Lindsay came over for dinner. We made valentines on the gocco below.

My sister Katrina was our little gocco slave, making over 100 copies of the red tree design…..

….while other sister becca worked on her spanish vocab words for a big test….

…while Jared kept the crowds in awe with a paragliding adventure movie about a couple guys flying over the Himalayas which everyone was really excited about

….while I worked on the pulled ham, twice baked potatoes and mini cupcakes (for my coworkers bday)

When the missionaries came over to share a message, Jared and I thought about our new sofa that was being delivered this wednesday and how we needed some man power to drag the old ones out.
(this is our new sofa- but blue!)

Problem was, it simply didn’t fit in the stairwell. We don’t know how our previous tenants got it up, but we couldn’t get it down. Jared first tried hacking at it with a hammer….

But that didn’t work too well so instead we decided to throw it out the second story window ( I know, our own brilliance shocks me too sometimes). We pushed a little too hard and the bottom hit that wall you see on the left hand side of the stoop and then the top fell against a tree on the other side of that wall which happened to be protecting a car on the street. It was pretty stupid but luckily we didn’t have to spend the day calling insurance companies. Actually, it was pretty awesome to tell you the truth.


Yeah!!! I can’t wait to redecorate the living room around the new couch. Winter is a perfect time to switch things up, move around furniture and bounce out of the winter blues.

Yay for cute cards, twice-baked potatoes, hang gliding movies, family, and couches flying out of windows and almost hitting cars that say out with the old, in with the new!

jordan, yeah I drew the purple one and then scanned it in, and the red tree I traced and altered from another design.

Love the new couch. And what luck on getting rid of the old couch.

What an exciting, delicious and FUN evening we had. Thanks, Liz and Jared!

i think you were so smilie because you knew you were taking some of your work home…..

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