Ski trip report

We had an awesome trip. We got to hang out with a lot of friends and family and got a lot of great skiing in. On a couple of days Jared was able to paraglide at point of the mountain and ski on the same day. Awesome. Below is a picture of Jared paragliding monday afternoon (more paragliding pictures posted here on his flickr page).

It was a miracle we ended up flying out Valentine night. A huge ice storm hit the area and some planes were stuck on the runway for 10 hours at JFK. We were delayed a couple hours on the runway at Newark but ended up getting into SLC at a decent hour. Check out how icy the runway was.
It had just snowed and we skiied three days. Once up at Snowbird, once at Snowbasin with a bunch of Jared’s friends and once at Solitude. At Solitude I attempted snowboarding for the first time which wasn’t the best way to spend a powdery day. You might have seen me if you were there. I was the one crashing every other turn and hanging backward with my board up in the air over the ‘slow down’ sign at the bottom of the bunny slope. One sweet little girl who had crashed herself and who I then crashed into consoled me, “It’s really hard on your first day”. Yeah, I can see that. Thanks. It was a gorgeous day though.

There was also great bargain bin shopping to be had at the Patagonia outlet with my sister Celeste who lives in Sugarhouse.

Here is my sister Katrina and cousin Katie. They are both pretty good Skip Bo players.

Up at Snowbird. It was so cold there were icicles hanging from my nose
On the way home, stuck at the airport again….


I’m glad you had so much fun in Utah!!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy snowboarding more when it’s not so powdery on the slopes. If you ever end up moving out to Utah, you can borrow my board again! : )

SKIP BO!yea you were 5th to winning (as jared puts it)now that jared introduced the “cheating tactics” the game has never truly been the sameeveryone is being questioned

I think it’s weird that I’m happy to have you home in NJ so I can read your blog, when really, you were just here in my own backyard.But it’s good to have you back all the same.

sounds like a great trip. i’m jealous. glad you’re back safely.

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