Poor Britney

Poor Britney. Sure she’d save $5 if she competed in a triathlon (I’d recommend this one) but at the expense of looking like a complete freak and possibly losing custody of her little boys to K fed? Jared said he’d know how to help her. He said he’d take her out of Hollywood to the top of a mountain in Logan, Utah (where the paparazzi couldn’t find her, he says) and ask her what she really wants to do with her life, because it’s clear she’s unhappy being a singer and celebrity. I have a feeling he’d also bring his paraglider in case she felt like shuttling (he rarely turns down an opportunity to fly). If only Britney had a friend like Jared.


You can trace this all back to her breakup with Justin. Poor Britty.

I’m glad to see we’ve left the furniture posting behind and started to focus on the IMPORTANT things in life. Furniture and decorating are SO boring. Britney shaving her head is a much more blogworthy topic! I would love to give Brit a little counseling myself. Maybe I have a better chance since I already live in California.

My oh my, how Britney has fallen since we saw her rock out at the Delta Center years ago! I like the idea of Logan, Utah and Britney in the same sentence…

whoa whoa whoa – liz totally got the story wrong – what i would do is:1.make out with her(so i could tell everyone i made out with britney spears!)2.send her to that camp that morgan mccowan went to3.the mountains of logan are just reserved for paragliding, not guruness or rehabness

Did Jared mention the big crush he used to have on Britney Spears? Maybe his desire to help stems more from the fact that he used to crush on her than that he wants to be a guru.

So wait a minute, Jared’s dream job is to be a guru, sitting top of the hill behind mom’s house where celebs can come and partake of his wisdom??

I don’t know if Logan is the best place. Isn’t Utah State a total party school? Although I bet she could fly out that chair you wanted from TJ.

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