Pillows for my new sofa

So here is my new sofa, isn’t it pretty? It’s begging to be decorated with pretty pillows.

This cover of domino a few months ago inspired me to go with a similar color theme in pillows: A couple of cool black and white geometric patterns and a couple of floral and/or a solid yellow.
The three fabric sites I’ve been looking at (since I’ve already exhausted the Pier 1s and TJ Maxxs for ready made pillows) are Sew Mama Sew, Purl Soho and Reprodepot. They are all really good sites. For the florals, I was thinknig of pattern on one side and deep blue velvet on the other side (velvet the color of the sofa above). I already have some pretty floral fabric from Purl that I’ll make into one floral pillow, but I’m also thinking of using one of these:

This floral

This pretty one
(I really like this one)
Here are a couple of the black fabrics I’m considering for the black and white pillows.
I think I like this first one the best:



I don’t think I have a great eye for these things so I’m open to suggestions?


That yellow one that you really liked, I really liked as well. I think it would be really cute stretched over canvas bars and hung as a picture in a kids bedroom or other places. Really cute finds! (By the way, I am an old friend of Jareds) ps. I like how Jared finds a solution to the current pop culture dilemas with paragliding:)

So, if you’re still going for fabric, I recommend you actually go to Purl Soho (I’m more than happy to chaperone!). They are super nice and helpful and let you pull all the bolts of fabric out and check them against your other picks. We were rescued from mismatching more than once that way. Oh, and you need to come see our new pillows and curtains…we have extremely similar taste…

i don’t have a sewing machine, celeste, but i do have a neighbor that has one 🙂

Ali, I love that you and my sis are blog friends! Liz, go for the sewing . . . then you can avoid any DI-stank. Besides, you are pretty good at it. BTW, do you have a sewing machine yet. I need to get one.

jordan, you’re right. maybe i should look around a little more before spending my weekends sewing. Has anyone seen some good black and white geometric pillows? I haven’t seen any.

I was sort of discouraged after my attempt to make pillows last month. By the time I bought the material and the pillow form it was around $30. And my sewing skills are ok but nothing special so my pillows looked lame and I realized I should’ve just bought them.Target has cheap pillows here are my picks for you: A few of these. One of these and then pick something with color like one of these.Also West Elm has really cute ones right now.

My favorites are the second floral and the second black and white.

Cute ideas, Liz. I’ve never heard of the Purl Soho. I’m excited to check it out.I love pillows (though that couch is looking pretty sexy on its own). I bought a cute gold velvet pillow over the weekend and it’s pretty similar to those pictured on the Domino cover. I found it at a local consignment shop for a whopping $5. Plus, it’s clean and free of stink. So, you might want to check out the vintage avenue, too. Just an idea.Now you’ve got me wanting to make pillow covers….

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