Pillow Production

I went to Purl Soho this weekend and bought some fabric to make pillows. Here are the ones I chose.

These are the finished products. I spent a few hours on Lindsay’s sewing machine and started into full pillow production mode. I really like the black and white. I’m glad I decided to go with that base. I chose a different pattern for the front and back of each pillow. Some have striped backs, or polka dot or a matching floral. I just kind of experimented with the combinations since they all kind of go together. The black and white have a kind of fake suede fabric on the back.

I made a couple more pillows (this big green polka dot and the square yellow floral) after I took the pictures above

here is what our sofa looks like now:
This is the chair I might be picking up today from West Elm. Of course I’d have to make another pillow to go with it….


Great pillows! I bet you’re real skilled with a sewing machine. Whenever I make things, I always do them by hand and they end up looking crappy or “homely.”

Way to go Liz! You weren’t kidding around about making pillows … I didn’t expect to see them so soon. But you should be very proud of yourself.

More Britney! Less pillows! Just kidding though, they are super cute and much more creative than my ikea, pier one, tj max combo on my couch. I like that I can see you in the mirror.

looks great Liz! It adds so much personality to your lovely couch. Great job!

those turned out relaly cute. i’m really gla dyou decided to make them yourself. so much cooler.

Really great. I love the different sizes and pattern combinations. They look stunning.

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