Homes in Salt Lake

If I were a real estate agent in Salt Lake, these are the homes I would tell you to buy:

This adorable little house (2 bedrooms plus a den) in the Capital/Federal Heights area of Salt Lake is begging for a makeover. For only $209K it’s a steal. Don’t you love that tree??? I think it needs an old wooden swing. Check out this adorable bungalo style home on the exclusive Princeton Street in the Sugar house area pf SLC for 339K. I just love the inside…those wooden beams on the ceiling and french doors are awesome. I think I would like coming home to this place after a long weekend in Jackson, Wyoming.

I have a feeling whoever built this 20,500+ square feet, 13 bathrooms, $6 million dollar home in the federal heights area was A. rich B. had irritable bowel syndrome and C. Didn’t like to see their family much cause there is WAY too much space in here.
Did I mention 20,500 square feet??? twenty-seven point three of our Hoboken sized apartments would fit into this house (that’s just gross, but if I sold it I’d get a great commission!)


Funny my parents sold a “cute” house in Sugar House that we lived in when I was a little kid for $70,000. How times have changed. Back then we just thought it was a tiny dump. Now its “trendy”! That said, I will be happy if you move further West, but I might suggest if you are going to spend that much on a house to just come all the way to CA! We have the beach! And 70 degree temps year round! Oh and is that a fight you are about to get in with your sister in law? THAT I would totally keep reading for…

Does this mean you’re looking into the Salt Lake market? Please do. Then we could be REAL friends. Fun finds … $339K on Princeton is unheard of, but I’m wondering how far west it is.

Wait, Are you starting a new weekly thing on your blog called “If I were a realtor” ? A total ripoff. 🙂

i love that first house. it’s so cute but there aren’t any pictures of the inside, i wonder if it’s a real wreck.

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