Comfy tights

I thought I hated wearing tights in the winter until I found these. Super soft, knit cotton but also really warm and comfortable. I’ve been wearing them all the time with skirts, boots and leg warmers, under pants for extra warmth (like today). Super awesome and much needed with a cold winter ahead of us, although Groundhog Phil has told us it might be short!


the best leggings (tights?) I ever found that never snagged and had a little sexy, thick, slight shimmer (to avoid the kid-look) were from Ann Taylor. I have never shopped there for anything else in my know- just in case your awesome ones need a friend.

Love those. Patterned or knit-like(?) always seem to be a little more uncomfortable.I just got some from H&M (a four-pack for something like $19) and they’re surprisingly soft, too.

cute! i have been wearing tights through the winter too this year. but we are having MUCh-needed AWEsome spring-like weather this week so phil is right on so far for us.

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