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So I’ve started to search for a chair to go with our new sofa. I actually saw this one below (but in red leather) at TJ Maxx in Logan, Utah. It was fantastic in person, but alas, wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to ship it back here. I ran into a home goods yesterday (which is the TJ Maxx furniture store) but didn’t see one. I know my chances are pretty slim to none.
I could get one full price but they’re way expensive.

Here are a couple other styles I like although I’m curious what other people think. I like the mid century look, but I don’t want to over do it.These above I found from Spacify. But they are all way too expensive.

There are a couple options from Ikea I’m thinking about. I actually like the bottom grey one the best. It’s $369 which I feel is kind of expensive for Ikea considering I have to assemble it? It looks really comfy and is modern but not uber-will go out of style soon-modern, which is what I like about our sofa.

Or maybe I should save our pennies and get a cheap Ikea one like this for $99:


i’m a lurker too. do not get the ikea chair. you’ll want to kick it – you’ll get so tired of it.*i love your blog!

Get the Barcelona chair. The thing with modern furniture is it keeps its value. So if you ever wanted to sell it you can get most of your money back.If we we buy a house I’m buying the Barcelona in white.}

The thing that’s funny about EQ3 is it’s total hip but they must be a western line because there isn’t one within an hour of me, but the line is in every RC Willey in Utah! (another reason we should move there)

Download the catalog off their website and it shows the prices. I still recommend going to one of their showrooms though. Their designers do a really great job setting the store up. I am like their NUMBER 1 fan!

beka, thanks for the great tip! I love the chairs on that site but I can’t find the prices on there? It looks like they have a couple galleries here in new york so maybe i’ll check them out, i just wish I could tell how much there are.

I’m a lurker, who just has to comment because I live in Logan. Both my cousin and I commented on seeing the Mies van der Rohe at TJ Maxx this weekend here in Logan. It’s always fun to see furniture that we learned about in History of Furniture and Architecture! As Darrin Brooks (the professor) would say, “It’s a SEXY chair!”

You should check out EQ3. Their furniture is a lot like Ikeas style wise, but better quality and still reasonably priced. I have been to the EQ3 here in AZ and love it. Their furniture is also all totally custom. Hope this helps some. Also thanks for creating such a cool blog. I found you via my sister in law.

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