Birthday stationery

I made some stationery on the gocco screen printer this weekend for my mother’s birthday. The color was more orange than what I wanted, but besides that I think they turned out cute. It was a design that I had worked on for a while when I was first learning illustrator, but I never made anything with it. I made a bunch that fold over into a card, and another bunch of flat cards since I had extra ink on the screen.


horrayy!these are really cool!ok so next time I visit you’ll have to show becca and me how to use gocco

those are great! you still need to give me illustrator lessons!

Liz, these are super cute. Well, cute, but not overly cute. They’re also cool. Where/when can I buy some?And, yes, I know your sister. I am friends with her through the sister of mine that you know. Small world, eh?I shall now be blogging friends with you because I know I’ll be coming back. If you don’t mind.

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