Why I shouldn’t complain about work

So I know I can complain and be sarcastic about work a lot because my job is draining, but the upside is that I can’t imagine working with more wonderful and supportive people. When I first started four years ago I was the youngest by about 20 years, but since then they’ve hired 5 more young counselors and a new guidance director (all the way on the left) who ROCKS which has made a big difference. Here’s a picture of our department at our holiday party in December (this was the ‘fun’ picture in case you can’t tell)


Hmm…this looks a bit sexually harrass-y to me…are you sure they wanted you sitting on them so provocatively (other than that guy who looks a bit like Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)?

I love how liz is lounging on top of everyone :)you seem to be quite the FAVORITE!

..Actually Erin, the only one COOL enough to make it a real fun picture

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