One scoop of WOW! please

This weekend Jared woke me up in the middle of the night to confess a secret and manipulative plot that has resulted in maximum ice cream scoopage since his childhood. I will reveal this ingenious plot to you only under the assumption that you will help us prove its power by participating in it and taking detailed notes on its results.
The story goes that many moons ago back in sunny St George, Utah, little Jared found that when he gave the scooper at the ice cream parlor exaggerated positive reinforcement, ” WOW! Oh YEAH! Holy SMOKES!” in the moment the employee’s scooper hits the ice cream bucket to prepare Jared’s scoop, it resulted in a super-colossal scoop of ice cream goodness wildly beyond your expectations and the scoops of other customers.

Just to give you an idea of how awesome Jared is (if you don’t already know), when he woke me up to confess this ice cream parlor plot, I had to think for a moment back the three years I’ve know him. Yes, it does seem like Jared does this every time we get ice cream, and no, oddly I never thought it out of the ordinary or manipultive in the least. Giving positive reinforcement to the ice cream scooper just seems to be how Jared rolls through life.


Works on his mother-in-law too. Jared deserves all the worked for blessings and more.

erin, that I don’t know. I usually don’t WANT a big scoop because it’s already a splurge so I don’t really compare much but I’m going to start to.

I love the fact that Jared woke you up to tell you this…

awesome. I used to do the cute girl discount. That would seem to work a lot too.

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