New Years resolutions in action

One of our New Years Resolutions was to watch less tv. This afternoon, in a moment of shocking spontaneity, we canceled our cable service altogether (!!!). Without cable we don’t get even basic channels. Since we’ve hung up the phone we’ve spent the rest of the night grieving by watching the few last minutes of cable before they cut us loose from the world of flava flav and barefoot contessa. Every minute we sit glued to the tv could be our last so we won’t turn it off until it goes fuzzy.
I think overall it will be a great thing. I’ll have more time to work on my other New Years Resolutions like: spiritual study, learn illustrator, run consistently each day, prepare healthy meals, use my christmas present (color: empire red). I’m just worried that without tv I might not know how to do all these things? Right before we cancelled cable I told Jared that I was sick of blogging. It’s only been a hour or so but I’ve realized I need something to fill the void, so here I am.


You can come over and watch our fuzzy Spanish stations anytime!

The best thing we did for our family was cancel our cable. We lived four+ years without TV.This fall the local cable company hooked us up for free (they are Steve’s new client).I hate having the TV in the house.

I haven’t had TV since high school. I don’t miss it at all- you’ll be fine.

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