It’s about time

My hair has grown so quickly that I’m back to the ‘newer do’ look below (when I cut my hair here in October). Unfortunately, newer ‘do has become the new newest. Time to get another haircut so newest ‘do can become the new newer again. If I wait too long, old ‘do may become the new newest and we do NOT want her coming back.


I love that pic, Liz, on the left. Mom, it looks like nobody loves her. By the way, although you look all svelte on the outside now, there is still some of that wild-haired ruffian on the inside, I swear!

mom, don’t pretend you didn’t brush out my curls because you liked 80s hair full of ‘body’!!

Where on earth did you get that picture on the left? I must have been on vacation!

Hi Liz! I’ve actually seen your blog a few times, but haven’t posted yet. I heard about it through Jean Lee who is in my ward, and then randomly found it through link after link of blogs. Hope all is well in Hoboken. We just moved here from Manhattan. Miss that place. I like the newest!Ann Marie

Well if Katrina will admit to being confused, I can say it too, I had to read it three times! But I hope the new or newer or newest works out great for you.

this paragraph was very confusingbetween New and newset and newseter and the most new…..too much

heyi don’t want your blod to turn just one really big ad!haha

Yes Becca, morally I am against a store that does not let you return for a full refund. However, morally I am in favor of money – no matter where it comes from or how it was made.

Tell Jared that the parents did NOT sign me up for fall Driver’s Ed. even though I told them I’d prefer that to private lessons.P.S. Forever 21 is too cheap to take that advertising deal. They won’t even let you return stuff!

That’s why I love you liz, you have a deep appreciation for money.

See the magazine Business 2.0, current issue, for an article about getting rich blogging.

Get THEM to pay YOU! Redemption for missing out on that $80 J. Crew sweater at last!

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