Guest Post – Paragliding in Pakistan holy crap


(this isn’t technically a ‘guest post’ as liz didn’t give me ‘permission’ to post) SO AWESOME!


Wow! Jared’s enthusiasm ALMOST makes me want to bother watching these. Oh wait, commercials are over and AI is back on. Sorry Jared. Maybe another time.

I watched the first one for about 30 seconds before I stopped because it was boring.

erin, i’m going to go ahead and acknowledge that sarcasm has been detected. I’m also going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume said sarcastic remark was made BEFORE you watched the videos. These aren’t just paragliding videos, these are of a man standing on a hillside at around 10,000 feet and thermalling up, eventually flying over 20,000-foot peaks, exactly like a freaking bird would do it, in PAKISTAN. so amazing.

I’m glad you posted these, guest blogger. I never get tired of watching paragliding videos. Never. Ever. Really fascinating. And not boring at all. Really.

wow! i woke up to a surprise post this morning! where’s the documentary footage about the really excellent shuttle driver up that snowy mountain?

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