Girls Weekend

Almost 10 years ago, Michelle, Brooke and I met in the BYU dorms and have been the closest of friends every since. This afternoon I’m leaving straight from work for the airport to fly to California for a girls weekend! It’s our first! Last time I visited Brooke was in July, I posted about it here. It’s on a sad occasion this time though because Brooke recently lost her two twin girls, who were born stillborn. She talks about it more on her blog called Love, Mom. One of the things we have planned is a trip to this awesome mud bath spa. Ooohh la la! I’ve always wanted to go to a spa. It’s gonna be a good weekend where we’ll be giving much love to our Brooke and wait on her hand and foot.
Here is a picture of Michelle and Brooke and I at Brooke’s wedding in May 2005.


the spa was so awesome. it was outdoors and had all these amazing mineral baths and mud treatments. i think it’s a bad thing i’ve discovered spas. it’s like disneyland for old ladies, but with less clothing on.

Hey Liz! The spa weekend sounds so fun! One of my friends went to a spa with her family for four days (that place in the mountains where the Lemon Squeeze is) and it sounded so relaxing. She actually got hypnotherapy, too!

post a picture of me the month after i had a baby, thanks.having so much fun in cali!!

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