Ano Nuevo Fiesta

Our good friends Seth and Kendra had a small get together for New Years. From the invite below, we knew it would be rad.

It was no surprise that it rocked because everything Seth and Kendra do rock, like their Christmas card below. Seth is a top notch photographer and Kendra is a style editor for Blueprint. Bunny the dog is also pretty talented to be able to pose so perfectly adorable like this.

So we convinced our Hoboken friends Patrick and Lindsay to come along to upper Manhattan wearing some mustaches laying around from Halloween. When we told Lindsay (the one looking like a perv) to tickle, we were just kidding.

Then after some good mexican food it was Pinata time! Although it looks like I missed terribly, I did manage to knock it right in the head. BAM!

Jared gave a pretty good hit at the end but a mustache would have improved his swing drastically.

After some pin-the-tail on the donkey and catch phrase it was time to wish everyone a prospero ano nuevo!


thats hilariousi think everyone looks better with a mustache.

It was super fun. I only hope that my perviness doesn’t prevent us from getting invited back. What can I say? I just LOVE to tickle…

Erin! Don’t tell me such things. I’m already having major withdrawls (I’ll call you this afternoon to get a play by play of the episode)

what a great way to spend new years eve. did you see the office last night? it was so funny, maybe the best episode yet. oh wait, you don’t watch tv anymore, do you?

very cool. I also like your red shirt Liz. I wanted that but it sold out.

Both the party invitation and the holiday card are way rad.

yeah, they made the pinata to look like bunny. in fact they named it, binata. it was hilarious to see bunny barking furiously at it before hand and then delightfully excited to see it get smashed apart.

i find it a bit disturbing that the pinata dog looks jus tlike bunny the dog.also, i love the urban outfitters blouse on you!and what a cool party.

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