Welcome home Jared!

Jared has been working like a maniac since Thanksgiving. Last night was the first night in a few weeks that he came home before midnight. I hadn’t seen him in daylight since sometime last week. I’ve missed him. He came home at noon from working an all nighter and slept until this morning with a couple breaks for minestrone soup and cold stone. He’s such a hard worker, but I’m glad the worst of it is over. Welcome home sweetie!! Perfect time for you to help me with the party planning… I have a few things for you to do.

(Story behind this model picture of his coming soon….)


jealous! i had a suspicion he was just IMing friends all night (‘internet research’)As in “liz, internet research at 3am is a really important part of my job”

Well Liz, I’ve been hanging out with him a lot. He always instant messages me late at night {3 am your time}

HAAA!!! I love the picture. He looks like a boy scout. How long do I have to wait to hear the story behind it?

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