Happy Birthday Spencer!

Spencer is my brother who just returned from a church mission in Chile. Today is his birthday! Happy Birthday! Spencer and I like a lot of the same things like lacrosse, hiking, water and snow skiing, and Conan O’Brien. Spencer also has a great sense of humor and a knack for money making (he made thousands on ebay during high school selling trash). He’s also a brainiac and was awarded the most prestigious scholarship BYU offers, the Hinckley Scholarship. I don’t really have any great recent pictures of him. This first one was pre mission and the second is a mission one where he looks like he’s holding hands with his companion. Despite how the picture looks, Spencer is a very eligible bachelor at BYU and wears a lot of lacoste polo shirts (real or Canal street).


Happy Birthday Spencer! You don’t know me but I’m a friend of Liz’s from BYU

Hater! Wow, it does look like we are holding hands – what can I say? When you’re companions you share one of those “special” bonds that people outside the mission just don’t understand!

yo spence! showin’ the love to the companiero! happy birthday buddy. Give my love to Hermana Andrus 🙂

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