Christmas decorating

This isn’t a great picture because it’s taken on my camara phone but here is our tree, fresh from Canada they assured me, all decorated and festive in the corner of our bedroom. I gave up waiting for Jared to have a Saturday or even a weekday night free and went by myself on Saturday to a local church in Hoboken that was selling trees. They loaded this beauty on my car and I then proceeded to roll it off the top, drag it up 2 stories and through three locked heavy doors to our apartment. With, I have to be honest, some difficulty, I balanced it and secured it in our stand and decorated it all pretty-like as you can see above. Then I sent this picture to Jared at work. I love it. It makes everything so festive and our house (well mostly just the bedroom) smells sooo good.


It’s so… how can I describe it…CHRISTMASY!!have you seen our tree yet?It’s gorgeousand our outside lights are pretty cool toowhat do you think about getting a giant blow-up snowman for our front lawn??haha just kiddingI actually saw one of those while I was running around scarsdale the other day.any suggestions for a christmas gift for you?preferibly under 20$ like 12-15 ishh?

yeah the stockings are huge and awesome. sara gave them to us as part of her christmas package 🙂

Is jared still working like crazy? I second jordan’s suggestion that he gives you lots of presents to put under the tree

Pretty! You did it by yourself? Wow. You better get some good presents.

Every Christmas while the kids are at school and Steve is at work I go pick out the tree, drive it home, take it off the roof of the car and set it up in the house. I try to have all the lights on it before the kids get home so they can help put on the ornaments. Then Steve comes home to see the decorated tree.Family traditions.

Your tree is beautiful. (My camera doesn’t take pictures that clear)

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