Asia trip

Summer of 2005 Jared and I went backpacking around Southeast Asia for a month. It was first my time in Asia and I just fell in love with everything about it. We started the trip in Singapore and then took a train up to Malaysia where we hung out in the capital, Kuala Lumpar We travelled around a bit and then flew up to the Phuket area in Thailand where we went island hopping for a couple weeks. I think that was my favorite part of the trip. Then we took a bus down to Malaysia again but this time on the eastern beaches and spent some more beach time(and I got scuba certified). From there we took an overnight train back to Singapore and then flew to Bali for a few days where we met up with my brother and mother who were also travelling around Asia. Then we came home tan and broke.

The pictures will be more exciting than my dull explanation. Enjoy.

(the first few pictures in the album are from our backpacking trip down the Grand Canyon to Havasupi Falls)

Slideshow here


okay sorry i messed it up earlier today but it should be working again now!

Oh my gosh i have to go now. I’ve been to China, but I’ve never been to the Southeast. Looks amazing!

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