A Tale of Two Christmas Parties

The Christmas Party we had this weekend turned out great. It was really crowded and we barely had enough food but it was a lot of fun and the white elephant gift exchange was awesome. But I totally forgot to take pictures!!! I love having the tradition of a Christmas Party. Something people can expect and look forward to every year. Hopefully we’ll be living in a larger place soon and be able to invite more people than just our Hoboken friends.

The best part about the weekend, however, was the ward Christmas party we had last night. It was right after church which made the day VERY long. The program consisted of 5 acts: the first was the missionaries standing up singing the 12 days of Christmas, the second was the primary president singing Mary’s Lullaby while nursery kids ran around yelling (and one nursery kid took off her clothes in the middle of it), the third, fourth and fifth acts were done by members of one family with their karaoke machine. They brought the entire set up: speakers, DJ, tv, microphone, etc. and set it up right next to a disturbingly large rat trap on the floor of the chapel. After the two kids sang karaoke christmas songs, the parents got up and sang a love duet to each other (not christmas related). I think it was a Faith Hill song. An extremely large and disgruntled man sitting in front of us that we had given a ride to church was mouthing every word “…All I want is to hold you forever, all I need is you more every day..”
Anyway, that was the grand finale of the Christmas party program. Then we had pork and rice, drank strawberry cream flavored diet pepsi and watched Mr. Kreuger’s Christmas projected on the wall of the chapel. Our church is awesome.


fun!we had our ward christmas party and there were no mouse traps but we had some cute primary kids numbers featuring one girl singing “All I want for christmas are my 2 front teeth”4 dayss till christmas!!

and whatever you were totally singing along back and forth with the guy you drove to church. don’t even try to deny it. keep an eye on him jared!

you’re right. how would you relate the opening lyrics to the holidays?– “Winter snow is falling down, children laughing all around.Lights are turnin’ on, like a fairy tale come true.” WHAT was collin raye thinking when he included that song on his christmas album?and maybe you didnt’ go with the rest of our apt to the collin raye show. i thought you did.

Now that’s a ward party to remember!! Karaoke in the chapel!!! (and a rat trap in the chapel!!)

What a great ward! (Roger had to come in to see why I was laughing so hard.)

Oh, the tragedy of missing ward parties…I ought to have known that I would deeply regret it.

….when i said i was reading….i just want to clarify i was NOT mouthing the words

Okay, just because it’s called ‘the gift’ doesn’t make it christmas believe me, i was reading the karaoke words. there was no mention of christmas. i saw collin raye in concert?

Collin Raye! Come one, did we not teach you anything country in your college years, we saw him in concert! And it is a Christmas song, hello, “The Gift”!

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