Western trip pictures

Jared and I took a fantastic trip out west this summer. Our itinerary included: San Fran, Redwood National Park, Salt Lake City, Montana, Glacier National Park, Banff National Park in Canada, Idaho, and Jackson Hole Wyoming. Everything was perfect. I loved the mountains and the backpacking we did. It felt great to be away from the city. If I had to pick my favorite parts it would have to be backpacking in the Redwoods, our kayaking trip in Jackson Hole, and hiking along Glaciers in Banff. It was also really fun to watch Jared paraglide. Detailed stories from our trip here.

Below are two links to view the pictures in a slideshow from our trip (all random order):

Pictures part 1

Pictures part 2

I’ll be posting two videos tomorrow from our trip. One of us kayaking and the other of jared’s launch paragliding.


Yeah we each took turns using the digital camara- our new canon 30D, but i would say jared took about 60-70% of the shots you see. he’s a great photographer, i’m just kind of like his assistant. thanks, you all are very complimentary 🙂

whomever took those photos is very talented. I actually used to live in Missoula Montana (not too far from Glacier Park). Seeing these photos made me a little homesick for the glaciers and big skies. Looks like a fabulous, dream vacation.

whoa- those are some seriouis shots- I am so impressed with the little details as well as the grand landscapes. the rolled up hay was my fav shotlooks like an awesome trip

I’m blown away! What amazing pictures and places you visited! Every picture looks like a travel guide. Wonderful pictures and by the way, you and Jared are going to plan our next family reunion. Take us all back there! Thanks

Liz – What great pictures, thanks for sharing! Part 2 #55 is especially a cute picture. I went to Banff last summer but did no hiking because my friend had just had surgery on her achilles tendon. I am jealous you guys got to go so many beautiful places all at once!

katie- yeah i was disappointed we didn’t get to do that. i hear you guys are quite the kayakers

the trip lacked one thing–jared said he was going to call us so we could take you whitewater kayaking. maybe next time.

You and Jared are a great photographers. Beautiful pictures.

oh I meant BESIDES Ross Dress for Less! Actually Jared did buy like three jackets there and I got a cute green sweater.

amazing pictures. i’m confused though. i thought your favorite part was Ross with me.

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