Videos from our trip

Jared put together a couple videos from our trip. This first one is from our kayaking trip in the Grand Tetons (it’s a large file so it may freeze while you’re watching it. You may need to rewind it if this happnes for the downloading to catch up and play smoothly). The soundtrack in this first one is Zero 7, which i talked about here
Here is link

kayaking video

Jared’s paraglide launch in Golden, British Columbia


I love the song Breathe Me by Sia. . you will like it if you like Zero 7

Your man puts superman to shame…LUCKY!& Liz I like the way you work it…you know those paddles and all!

Erin, we have a bunch of pics that we haven’t posted, and some old receipts and some of our camping gear that we still haven’t washed – if you want to see/smell any of it, let us know.

ok, we get it. you guys take lots of rad trips while we are stuck at home. geeez, don’t have to rub it in.

okay apparently the kayak video stops halfway through. i’m not sure what’s wrong. i’ll try and fix it tonight after work so you all can see the big bang finish.

that’s right sae…”Liz, you’re such a good paddler! i can’t believe you’re doing it all by yourself!”

I like how Jared made Liz paddle the whole time so he could film.You guys are so lucky. The trip looked awesome.

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