The Cult

Tonight Jared is at a Cult concert with his brother Josh, married to the fabulous author of the blog Lee Lou Ann. I don’t know much about The Cult but my suspicions are that it’s a metal band for angry pre-pubescent boys.
My suspicions are based on the following observations:

1. Jared bought a Cult t-shirt that was both too small (probably because they don’t sell it in adult sizes) and offensive. I don’t remember what it looked like but I remember it was black, which is never a good color for a t-shirt. I think there were devils and skulls and perhaps scantily clad ladies on it. It was very soon passed on to Josh who I hope, for the sake of his innocent children, has buried it in the backyard.

2. Before Jared bought the tickets he called me to ask ‘permission’. Unusual for Jared to ask permission for an outing with Josh. Somehow it seems unlikely that a wholesome concert would require the wife stamp of approval…….”Well, you said I could go!”

3. The home page of the website says ‘The Cult: For Rockers, Ravers, Lovers, and Sinners’.


in liz’s defense some of those guys look like scantily clad women.

1. there were NO scantily clad ladies on the shirt, just 4 guys who are serious about rockin’ – here’s a pic of the shirt graphics2.correct.3.correct.4. my arms are NOT my most-injured body part, it’s my ankle…i twisted it while dancing.

apparently they had an awesome time. jared came home last night sweaty and sore. i asked what part of his body was sore, he said his arms from pushing people in the mosh pit. awesome.

A favorite Simpson’s quote around our house, when mom shows her true uncool colors: Grandpa Simpson, “I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was, now what I’m with, isn’t it anymore and what is with it is weird and scary to me. It will happen to you.”

I told Josh I always get the Cult and the Cure mixed up and he about sat me down and gave me a big lecture right there. I did hear there was hanging out in the middle of the mosh pit though. Yeah, I guess old guys can still mosh.

You should download “She Sells Sanctuary.” It’s pretty much the only song I know by The Cult, but it’s definitely not scary/offensive, etc. Kinda your typical new wave 80’s sound. . . (but then again, I don’t always listen to lyrics and it could be more sinister than I know. . . )

Why do these sinister looking groups drag church-related words into their titles? I mean, Sonic Temple??Why not Sonic Society or Sonic Soiree? If they’re going for a locale, Sonic Cave or Sonic Barn or Sonic Salt Mine. Maybe Sonic Parking Lot. What mood are they after? Would Sonic Ho-down work? Sonic Sing-a-long is catchy. Why don’t they just say Hope-You-Think-We’re Scary–or at least, Hope-You’re-Somehow-Offended?

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