Thanksgiving pictures

Below are pictures from the Thanksgiving at Erin and Josh’s home in Westchester. It was fantastic. Everything was so delcious. Erin has recipes for everything here on her blog. The stuffing and mashed sweet potatoes were I think the best I’ve ever had. Possibly the mashed potatoes as well….mmmm….so creamy….

Gabby was in charge of decorations and look how beautiful the table was. Everything she makes is pretty. Birds were starring at us while we ate their feathered friend. So awesome and festive.

Here are the sweet potatoes with marshmellow topping bubbling out of the oven… mmmm….

Erin with her fantastic turkey

The turkey made everyone a little sleepy. We all watched ‘ELF’ while the deliciousness digested.

Desserts don’t get any prettier than these. My birthday cake is the cute little pink one on the right. And the pumpkin cheesecake I made is in the front.

Look how adorable my nieces and nephews are with sugar rushes.


Thanks for the pictures, Liz. It’s fun to see everything again.

Holy smokes! I totally went to the wrong thanksgiving this year

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