O Fortuna!

Why oh WHY does my dream sofa have to be 34 inches high and 36 inches deep when our stairwell is only 30 1/2 wide!!!! But then tell me this: how did the former renter get our current couch in here which is 33 high and 36 deep? My only guess is the windows are 34 wide……I would chance it but if it doesn’t fit we’ll have to pay $300 restocking fee. boo. I’ll just have to sit patiently here on my stained slipcovers and wait for us to move to a 34 inch wide stairwell…


I like the couch, it looks kind of like ours. Did you really order it in blue? If so, I approve.

breaking news: the legs are 7 inches long AND come off so it’s a done deal.sold. in this light blue. i can’t wait for it to come.

Very cute. Can you take it apart somehow? I see the experts do it on all those DIY shows. I’d just be too scared to try.

just move out here already and you won’t have to move it up a stairwell. or do math.

wrong. i’m not trying to find ‘c’. i’m trying to find the shortest distance FROM c to the point where a and b intersect. okay where’s BC Calculus AP becca? But i think it’s 44. i took half of c and used that as one of the sides to find out the new c.

hmm, maybe you should try a little PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM!?!?! Asquare + Bsquare = Csquare I think this is a time when you use that but you should probably ask becca.(Score one for the Dixie High School graduates!)

wait! i see a glimmer of hope. i didn’t measure to see if the diagonal is 30′ wide!

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