My husband ‘King of the Hippies’

In high school Jared’s friend’s dad named him ‘king of the hippies’. He dropped out after his junior year and moved up to Jackson Hole where he lived in a tent full of his hippie king friends for 6 months. When he wasn’t exploring the Tetons and working on his photography, he slaved the midnight shift at Albertsons and cleaned rooms at Motel 6 and Snow King. By mid school year his poor mom convinced him to come back home and start his senior year. With a little extra credit and community service he was still able to graduate on time. I’m pretty sure he spent more time skipping school to hike and ski than he did actually attending. However, he’s had some fantastic hippie adventures while I was locked in my room studying things I don’t remember anything about now. We have boxes full of his old photos and slides (and we just bought a scanner!)


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