Must do NYC: Restaurants for Celeste

My older sister Celeste and her husband Matt are coming into town this weekend to stay through Thanksgiving. Celeste and Matt know their way around the city pretty well since they lived here for three years while Celeste was in midwifrey school at Columbia. Saturday night we are going out to eat in the city and Celeste and Matt are having a hard time deciding between their three favorite restaurants:

1. Dawat (Indian). This is a fantastic Indian restaurant in midtown which is an unusal place for a great restaurant. There is also an Indian food district in the lower east side of the village where they have great ambiance and sitar players but I still think this place is still the best. Growing up, my family used to go to a Dawat in White Plains, NY but sadly it closed a few years ago.

2. Lemon Grass (Thai). Delicious and CHEAP! You can get 2 entrees and an appetizer for under $25. The pad thai is the best I’ve had and the curry is outstanding. Great spot as a gateway drug into southeast asian food.

3. Patsys (Best Pizza in Manhattan). There is lots of good pizza in NY. Pretty much any corner pizza shop has better pizza than anything else you’ve had if you haven’t ever been to NY. But Patsy’s is a whole different food. Simple, fresh ingredients with a thin toasted crust. It’s outstanding. I think this is Celeste and Matt’s favorite restaurant (it is actually a restaurant, not a pizza joint/deli).

My vote is for Dawat.


Hello Liz,I found your blog from Emily’s blog which had the hilarious YouTube she borrowed from yours! Anyway, will you tell Broek Johnson I said hello! She is from my home high school. My name is Kelly and I have a sister Shelly. I know, my parents are cruel! I just loved finding her randomly. She was a year younger than me and her older brother, Eric, is a year older than me. Small blogging LDS world!

so that is the missing sister i’ve never seen…i was in your parents ward…so i know of you but don’t think you know me, i’m a friend of gabby’s. thanks for the restauant info. i am always looking for new places to try in NY…sadly i have moved away, but always looking for excuses to go back. love your blog.

My favorite NY pizza joint is a little place not many know about. It is always empty when I go there, but the pizza is as NY authentic as it comes. It’s called Sbarros.

good to know. . . we’re still trying to find our fav. restaurants here.

I think I’ve been to Dawat. I really want to try the thai place, sounds so good.

Don’t even get me started about how much I love to shop. You know what I always say… Shop til you drop.

jordan, don’t worry you’re next. i’m doing a shopping one for you. but the problem is you probably know more about shopping in ny than me cause you LOVE to shop! shop shop shop!

Liz, How come you aren’t planning out itineraries for Paul and I?

oh i dearly miss lemon grass grill! the peasant fried rice is my fav dish. I vote for that one at the top of the list!

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