Homecoming queen and other exemplary accomplishments

Is senior homecoming queen an appropriate accomplishment for colleges to be aware of after transcipts and letters have already gone out? I don’t think so, but I have a parent sending a picture of her daughter with a tiara waving to the crowd in the town thanksgiving day parade to every school she’s applying to.
My response: “Well some colleges appreciate humor, some don’t”. I was pretty blunt about how popularity and good looks mean little in the college admissions game, although I can see how important it must be for her daughter in high school. However, they were insistent it spoke ‘volumes’. I ended the conversation by telling them they can send whatever they want to colleges but nothing else is coming from this office except academic accomplishments/hardships, worthwhile extracurricular activities, and valuable personality traits.

They can send the tiara picture, but it’s not coming from my desk.


western rebel, i agree. personally i think my stunning good looks has been my biggest hardship and has definitely affected my academic performance and involvement in extracurriculars

i think perhaps the sarcasm didn’t come through on my post.

Good call. These parents are embarrassing their daughter.

hmm, i might disagree here. i think it says as much about a person, actually, as hardships do.

on second thought, perhaps i misjudged. after watching some after school programming on MTV I think perhaps homecoming queen is THE MOST important thing a woman can accomplish. well, besides being really skinny and slutty.

Good for you! That is just beyond your call of duty. Thank goodness.

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