Happy birthday Erin!

When I grow up I want to cook like my sister in law Erin. Everything is delicious and gourmet. I print out recipes from her blog every week. She even makes easy to read ones, like this peanut butter cookies recipe, for beginner cooks like me and older people losing their eye sight. She has 3 of the most adorable and best behaved childrenI know (believe me, I’m nursey leader, I’ve seen badly behaved kids). She’s also married to my husband’s best friend and brother, Josh.

Happy Birthday Erin!


i want to cook like erin too, that is a beautiful picture and isn’t she a rock star for cooking for everyone on her birthday?!!

liz, there are many fantastic parts i forgot but it’s thanksgiving, so i’m only thinking food.

you forgot the part where she has beautiful hair like a mermaid! But I guess ti’s a given when people look at the picture, huh.

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