Happy Birthday

Today I turn 27 years old. what? I barely got used to being 26! Jared made me feel old this morning (when he got home from work at 5am) by telling me that I’m WAY out of the 18-25 yr old demographic. I told him I still feel like I’m in that demographic. He said well the 50 year olds that wear chains shirtless and drive red corvets still think they’re in that demographic too but no one else does. I don’t think Jared is one to talk. Happy Birthday to me!


Lisa Simpson “I’m too young no one listens to me!” Grandpa Simpson “I’m old no one listens to me.”Homer “I’m a white male age 18-35, EVERYONE listens to me!”Happy Birthday Liz! You can still still at the kids table with Megan and I if you’d like.

Thanks guys! I don’t know where we’re going for dinner. It’s a surprise 🙂

I’m glad you were born. And that you married a Stanley. Have a great birthday. Where are you going for dinner?

Happy Birthday, Liz. Believe me, you’re young!I want to hear about your dinner…Have a great day.

Happy Birthday Liz! Don’t worry. . . I’m turning 30 in a couple months, so I’m like WAY past the cool kids demographic.

Happy Birthday Liz! Have a great time at dinner. And don’t worry you don’t look old, you dont look a day over 21. Have a great day, we will want to hear all about it.

happy birthday sweetie! I love you even though you’re middle-aged now :)Don’t eat lunch okay? dinner is going to be RADICAL. REservations for 4pm(i know older people like to eat earlier)

Happy Birthday Liz! Sorry I kept your present. It was much more me. Yours will come to your house today.

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