Happy 17th Bday Becca!

My sister Rebecca is turning 17 tomorrow. Jared says that Becca is his favorite Ricks (which is a little bit offensive to the other Ricks, but hey it’s Becca’s special day). When Becca was a baby her head smelled funny so Celeste and I sprayed apple scented air freshener on it. Ever since then she has smelled of apples and roses and has the cheeriest disposition. She’s the first one to laugh at my dumb jokes and is always sweet and kind to everyone around her. She also has more friends than I can count and is super stylish and artistic. Becca has a blog here about her senior year of high school.
Rebecca will absolutely be successful in her class work at your school, but much greater, she will be a trusted friend, a great voice for reason and direction on campus, and a credit to the school fortunate enough to be her alma mater. I am honored to be her sister and I give Becca my highest recommendation for a blissful birthday.


Liz, what a sweet tribute to Becca. It’s all true except for the smelly hair thing. Now, how are we going to celebrate your birthday on the 29th?

yes it is truei did have a smelly headand it didn’t help that liz and celeste but air freshener on it, which made it smell even worse.The youngest always seems to be the “guinea pig” of the familysorry you can’t come tonight liz!we’ll miss you!

Thank you Liz! you’re a fabulous sister yourself!You may have forgotten in your old age, however, that it was KATRINA who was bald and had a smelly head…in this case, clarification is mandatory.

erin, whether you like it or not i’m a stanley (i see after two years you’re still in denial)

his favorite ricks? what about you, liz. i like becca too. happy birthday.

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